Giant Steps Co‑design : the power of collaboration

On 26th of May 2022 we hosted an interactive learning session at Giant Steps Co-design : the power of collaboration.

What did we do?

We have a fun, jam packed session for you today that is centred around having fun, learning by doing and aims to build your interest and curiosity around co-design and partnering.

  • We shared a recap on co-design mindsets, principles ways to talk about Partnering
  • Our consumer facilitations reflected on their experiences of collaboration
  • We ran activities, with a buddy, as a table and as a room of 80+ people

Images from the session flicking through quickly dowload the powerpoint under Activities to read the text

Our aims

  • Get you motivated
  • Bring some energy and inspiration
  • Share real examples while elevating consumer voice
  • Find ways that you could get stated early

Who facilitated the session?

In the spirit of co-design and collaboration, this session has been a partnership between this lovely group of consumers:

Safer Care Victoria staff and designers:

Our activities and resources

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