Valuing Lived experience

Ways to recognise and make payments to our consumer and community partners

What is this guide about?

Who is this for?

This guide is designed to assist all Victorian services that co-design or engage communities. It is based on existing remuneration practices globally with hands-on ‘know-how’ from working in Government, consultancy and health services in Victoria, Australia. It’s goal is to support the implementation of the Victoria’s Partnering in healthcare (2019),  Client Voice (2019) and Australian Partnering with Consumers Standard (2014) by giving practical strategies to pay for and include partnering in their own healthcare.

Other services and sectors may learn from this

While this summary is designed for health services, it may be relevant for:

  • all services and consumers running partnering and codesign initiatives
  • staff in government agencies, or community members engaged in work
  • organisations that engage with communities that have lived-experience

What is in this guide?

Guidance and activities for recognising people with lived experience for their contributions to community engagement activities, testing or research. The goal of this document is to help teams to plan recognition for engagement activities between service providers and clients or consumers. We have four sections to this guide:

Questions we answer here

  • How do services benefit from public participation?
  • Why recognition for lived experience needs our consideration
  • What approaches are other organisations offering?
  • How can I budget for engagements in my project?
  • Where can I find more information about this topic?

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